Why We Do This

Digital health is a race against time

Our global healthcare systems evolved to address the challenges of the last century: bacterial infection and injury. Those in need entered centres of expertise where healthcare professionals provided care and rehabilitation, before returning to the farm or battle field. The challenges of 21st century healthcare arise from chronic disease and an ageing population which can’t be cured by a visit to the GP or a stay in hospital.  We need new models of care that allow us to manage our own health and well-being and to access healthcare when and where we need it. Digital technology is a key enabler in this process.

The need for healthcare is increasing at an unprecedented rate as the population ages and as more of us succumb to lifestyle related (chronic) disease. Our healthcare systems are in transition and we need this transition to run ahead of the increasing need for healthcare. This is why D Health supports the transition of healthcare into new models, fit for purpose in the 21st century; to grow the business of digital health such that healthcare is available to everyone, everywhere.