• Steven Dodsworth

On-Line Course: What is digital health?

Understanding digital health is a little like learning a new language. You can't be fluent without investing time and effort and for those who like to learn, D Health offers an engaging and interactive virtual experience for senior teams who need to understand this important and rapidly growing field (including “what it’s not”). This course combines learning opportunity with bespoke consultancy specific to your organisation.

We will leave your team with an understanding of:

· What is driving the growth of digital health.

· The main market segments and key approaches.

· Terminology

· Likely evolution

· How it will affect your organisation

· How your organisation could prosper

If you don’t know a digital therapeutic from a digital biomarker then it’s time to start your journey into digital health.

Updated from 2019 to include the effects of the pandemic.

mail info at for more information.

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