• Steven Dodsworth

DTx Presentation to pharma Group

Dr Steven Dodsworth will be presenting on the topic of digital therapeutics (DTx) to the EMIG special interest group in digital health on March 23rd (London).

"I last presented on DTx at the digital health world congress in 2019. That seems a long, long time ago! Since then D Health has undertaken several assignments in DTx including one project to explore whether one particular SME should position themselves as a digital therapeutics company - we advised that they shouldn't and they didn't! We also looked at GTM strategy for a company operating in this sector as early as 2014 - before the label DTx had been applied but have carried out several GTM sessions since and it's a rapidly changing landscape which of course influences GTM strategy over time.

Given the EMIG group consists largely of small and medium sized pharma companies, I'll provide a quick overview of DTx for those not familiar with the subject and then a summary of the potential benefits and issues to consider from a pharma perspective.

I haven't delivered a presentation outside of DHV-NET for over 2 years so I'm really looking forward to this one. Many thanks to Darren Spevick from the digital health SIG for this opportunity."

More about EMIG here.

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