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D Health At MedFit Lille

D Health's CEO to moderate a panel on Medtech and Digital Health.

Wednesday, June 26th. 9.00 am – 10.30 am | MedTech & digital industry: Which grounds for collaboration?

The MedTech sector has been subject to a substantial transformation during the past decade due to the arrival of new digital technologies. The sector is now facing a growing inspiration from digital disrupters and tech giants expanding their healthcare reach through mergers and acquisitions. As more collaboration and integration across companies and sectors will be a vital part of the next wave of innovation, we can already witness medical devices OEMs and large technology companies partnering with universities and academic institutions to jointly develop cutting-edge medical devices technologies.

To what extent are MedTech and digital industry working together to deliver new products and services for patients? Which collaboratives models are emerging? What are the successful examples and the limits to these collaborations?

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