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Corporate working group meeting

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

The next CWG in digital health will take place on October 31st in central London. The schedule will feature three sessions:

- A review of market transition scenarios (from the previous group meeting)

- Blockchain strategy in healthcare (workshop)

- The reality of AI in healthcare (round table discussion)

A detailed schedule will be issued shortly. Interested parties should contact D Health at for more information if not on our invite list (please note: this forum is only open to executives from large commercial organisations).

What is the corporate working group (CWG) in digital health?

  • The content of CWG meetings is provided by domain experts specifically for executives working within corporates with interests in the digital health market.

  • D Health initiated these meetings due to renewed interest and investment from corporates into this space, knowing that initial market entry was hampered by hype and misunderstanding.

  • The forum is “pre-competitive” and promotes shared experience and learning.

  • This forum aims to provide insight rarely available in other forums and events to help executives grow their interests in digital health within their organisations.

BACKGROUND: In spring 2017, we were asked by a contact in a large pharma company to explore the possibility of creating a forum for executives interested in digital health. We discovered we could reach out to ~60 large, commercial organisations with interests in digital health ranging from pharma, medtech, retail pharmacy, consumer electronics, insurance, telecoms, technology, defence to construction.

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