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A New One Day Course For Senior Teams: What Is Digital Health?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Delivered on site to your management team, a one day programme of workshops, presentations and consultancy provides a structured view of digital health to support operational and strategic decision making in your organisation.

The Market

Digital health is changing health, care and the life science across the globe. It is fast moving, diverse and complex. Whilst in its early stages, it is growing rapidly and organisations seeking to adapt to a changing landscape need to rapidly understand the opportunities and challenges associated with this important sector.

The Challenge

  • Understanding digital health may require significant investment of resource into events, reports, publications and on-line groups.

  • Market reports, events and the popular press can be biased through vested interests resulting in an inaccurate perspective.

  • Gaining a structured understanding of digital health is hampered by poor definition and the diversity of organisations active in the field.

The Solution

D Health offers a day-long programme designed specifically for senior teams provided as a mixture of workshops, presentations and consultancy. The aim is for management teams to gain a practical understanding (strategic and operational) of the sector and it's potential impact on their organisation; both threat and opportunity.

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