• Steven Dodsworth

A Busy Summer... Back To Business

This summer, an effective use of our digital health scouting engine allowed us to conduct a forensic search for very specific digital technologies within the European market. Such is the rapidly changing nature of this diverse and complex field, real time searches of virtual feeds have proved to be advantageous over databases that require constant updating with a chance that new companies and technologies have been overlooked.

Our tools and processes combine with our experience and insight to deliver an outstanding service.

We are under way with two Go To Market Strategies for two different companies operating in the very different worlds of Omics and Medical devices. Our GTM development process has evolved over 8 years and incorporates several key principles:

  • Be Rapid but Rigorous

  • Value Evidence over Opinion

  • Gain Clarity from Complexity

In addition, our process draws upon and adds to the valuable knowledge, experience and capability of the client organisation.

And so its back to business as Autumn approaches... Digital health is moving at speed... and we can help you get ahead.

Contact us on info @ and we'll let you know how!

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