Digital health is not short of innovation, it is not short of technology but it needs to scale and that requires organisations to adapt to a new and unfamiliar landscape

D Health is a leading consultancy that specialises in the business of digital health and health technology. Established in 2012, our networks, processes and experience enable us to provide unrivalled advice and support.

"You simply can't build an expert team large enough to cover every element of health, care and the life sciences which is of course the breadth of the digital health sector. As such, we access a network of real experts with deep domain knowledge built in the course of over 8 years in consulting. D Health has consultants available from industry and public health to cover the majority of market segments and European (and US) territories. When coupled with our bespoke processes and tools, we offer a powerful and compelling service to anyone seeking to develop their interests in digital health"

Dr Steven Dodsworth, Founder & CEO