What is digital health?

Our domain experts provide structure and understanding of this broad and complex field to teams and individuals.

  • Team Workshop:  A day-long interactive course for management teams is designed to provide understanding of digital health and its relevance to their organisation through bespoke elements within a core schedule.

  • Open Event: A one-day workshop explores the field of digital health to help individuals working within a mixed group with representatives from other organisations to understand this rapidly evolving field.


Information Services

Using a combination of desk top research and access to specialist reporting tools, D Health provides leading edge insight and intelligence.


  • Deep Dive: D Health provides bespoke, in-depth insight into specific aspects of this diverse and complex field.

  • Competitive Assessment and Due Diligence: D Health provides in-depth market analysis and intelligence to inform acquisition, investment or new initiatives (e.g. product/service development or international expansion).

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