D-Health - digital health consultants


Digital health is a rapidly evolving field with unique dynamics. It incorporates elements of healthcare, life science, technology and psychology to supply consumer and traditional healthcare markets. Our team’s deep understanding of the market’s dynamics can be combined with an organisation’s own expertise to create a raft of strategic options for review. By working together, potential options can be explored and ranked using our combined acumen. Refinement may be achieved through desktop research and market consultation to deliver a simple and effective framework to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Our Work

D Health has contributed strategic thinking to a wide range of organisations; from US life science corporates to European SMEs. We have acted as part of a larger team, working alongside senior executives and other contractors to develop a comprehensive, corporate-wide framework. On other occasions we have facilitated sessions to draw out essential contributions to help shape the basis of company strategy. Such sessions typically occupy two to three days on site together with preparation and follow-up.


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