D-Health - digital health consultants

Business Planning and Business Modelling 

The nature of digital health brings together diverse sectors; healthcare, life sciences, consumer electronics, communications, IT and retail. Doing business with the NHS could not be more different to doing business with a high street retailer. Success has eluded many organisations through mis-understanding of market dynamics, culture and common practice. D Health has sector experience, commercial expertise and senior, international contacts that can be called upon to help you devise and test models that are realistic and robust.

Our Work

Our experience of working across sectors in digital health has enabled us to help:

  • An SME to move away from an ineffective B2B statutory model to a private sector B2B model.
  • Prevent an outdated telehealth solution developed by a life science corporate under the guidance of a major consultancy, reaching market, preventing further resource expenditure.
  • Provide input to numerous European SMEs during the commercialisation process. 



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