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As an intermediate, expert party in digital health, we hold events that illustrate the real world of digital health because action based on hype and mis-information ruins careers, damages business and will ultimately damage healthcare. We value content above everything else. We restrict our delegation size to promote discussion and debate. Our business does not reply on selling event tickets, it relies on providing real world insight, promoting trade and interaction.

Join us from across Europe and beyond to talk digital health

Upcoming events

    • 14 Dec 2017
    • 09:30 - 17:00
    • 20 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3BY


    A meeting for industry

    All indications suggest that 2017 will be a record breaking year for investment into digital health but this remains a challenging market. So how do you build a business against a backdrop of growing need but as yet, limited demand?

    The entrepreneur’s journey into digital health

    In this session, we interview entrepreneurs at different stages of business growth to provide insight into the challenges of founding and growing a company in this novel and emerging market.

          Kim Guest: CEO Isos Health

    Campbell Grant: CEO SiteKit

          Tom Dawson, CEO, Rescon Technologies - invited

    Jeremy Cummin, Chairman, D Health


    Clara Leonard, Digital Health Ventures: Digital Health trends in Europe; an investor perspective.


    Grant Funding For Digital Health: Simon Day, AbbeyTax


    Support For Industry

    Experts in economic development share their views on the status of digital health and reach out to the auditorium for discussion on how to grow the digital health industry.

    Chris Sawyer Lead Technologist, Independent Living, Innovate UK

    David Calder Knowledge Transfer Manager, Health and Care, KTN

    Zahid Latif Innovation Specialist, Life Sciences, Department of International Trade

    Katharina Ladewig, EIT Health (UK-Ireland), Director


    Netis: Secrets of the remote development team


    An interview: Campbell Grant: Engaging with the NHS; an entrepreneur's perspective


    The insurance business and digital health: Jonathan Hughes, VP Strategic Development, RGAx (the innovation accelerator of Reinsurance Group of America)

    Awaiting confirmation:  Tier 1 distributor specialising in consumer electronics; Smart Homes and Building Association.

    Join your peers for a day of open and honest discussion about the industry of digital health. From funding through development and through to market, what have we learnt and what does the future hold?

    Join us on the evening before (Dec 13th) for pre-event networking and festivities at a London hostelry.

    D Health retains the right to refuse and refund registration of any party within 48 hours of registration. 

    D Health operates a no refunds policy.

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