D Health - DACH 



Michael started his career in the area of innovation management and marketing entering healthcare by founding a medical documentation company. His knowledge of Health IT and experience of international business (winning contracts in over 20 different countries) has subsequently helped companies enter international markets (Go-To-Market in Healthcare). Michael is also a partner at Accelerace Management A/S, a Denmark based accelerator. His experience has led to an in-depth and practical understanding of European healthcare systems and their stakeholders. Specialisms: Health-IT, Medical Devices, International trade.

The German Market 

Germany represents one of the major health economies in Europe and whilst healthcare remains well funded, the drivers to deliver efficiency are becoming more evident. The introduction of an "e-Health-Law" in 2016 will drive the digitisation of healthcare through a series of deadlines and incentives. It also aims to drive the implementation of a telematics infrastructure (Gematik) in 2016/2017 to securely connect healthcare providers which may act as a platform for new, digital solutions. The restructure and merger of hospitals and health insurers is leading to institutions with stronger capital structures which are looking for new business models. The number of specialised private hospitals is growing and thus, the demand for specialised and innovative solutions is growing too. Healthcare providers are beginning to adopt digital approaches however, the German population has readily embraced digital technology; a feature evident even in the older population.

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